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Online Surveys

E-mail based surveys are a cost effective medium for gathering precious feedback from your clients or employees. Online polls include and involve the recipient, bringing them further into your organisation. Enteract's integrated solution provides rapid, real-time market research. In addition to their relationship-building value, Enteract's surveys return fresh business insights.

Surveys can be used as a sales tool or a research tool. Customer satisfaction surveys can give you a great insight into the hearts & minds of your employees or clients and can truly build affinity. Post conference surveys help you hone your efforts as you progress - maximising your success and ROI.

Survey Design

We work with you to determine the optimum way to construct each question within the survey and determine the mandatory/optional questions. We can also integrate branching to dig even deeper.

Data Colection

Recipients complete their responses and click a submit button. All data is automatically collected in our online survey software database.

Branded Email Templates

Respondents are sent an email requesting that they complete the survey online. The respondent clicks a link that leads directly to the survey. A reminder email is sent a few days prior to the deadline for completion.

Statistics & Reporting

At the conclusion of the survey - you receive a report including graphs, charts and individual responses. The raw data can also be provided in MS Excel format.

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