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Image Personalisation

The Internet has changed the client/customer relationship into a digital exchange devoid of human contact, and the emotional gap between the customer and brand is now wider than ever before. Image personalisation is about creating an emotional engagement between the customer and your brand to address this problem.

Testing has showed a 40% increase in click-to-open rates for campaigns featuring image personalisation compared to control groups not featuring image personalisation. Metrics not often achieved by marketers!

By integrating personalised images into your online strategy, you can create "feel good moments" at customer touch points to dramatically enhance your customers' emotional attachment to your brand. Take a look at some examples from our gallery below.

Project: 1/0

Enteract 2009 ©

Top Gear Live

Animated Event Invitation Email

Top Gear Live was running for the first time in Australia and the show marketing team wanted something extra special to launch the show and ramp ticket sales.

Enteract 2010 ©

Art Melbourne

Classy Hanging Letters

Art Melbourne attracts Art lovers from all walks and this invitation created a huge buzz and unprecedented email forward rates helped create a real buzz around this event.

Enteract 2009 ©

Good Food & Wine Show

Fruit & Veg Fun

The Good Food & Wine Show is now run in 5 states and attracts over 50,000 attendees in Melbourne alone. Enteract was contracted to help ensure the show's success.

Enteract 2010 ©


Explosive Event Invitation

AIME needed something a little different to spice up their email marketing campaign. Enteract developed this explosive fireworks image personalisation campaign to great effect.

Enteract 2009 ©

BP Christmas eCard

Personalised Christmas eCard

The design for this eCard was supplied by an agency who worked directly with Enteract to create and distribute this highly successful eCard. See Corporate eCards for more information.

Enteract 2009 ©

ABEE 2010

Event Marketing

ABEE needed an email template designed specifically for event organisers. Enteract came up with a handwritten post-it-note featuring the recipients' name and a special call-to-action.

Enteract 2009 ©

Charles Sturt University

Lead Generation Campaign

CSU needed a way to contact students finishing year 12 in a meaningful way. CSU were able to wish students luch whilst creating a meaningful connection between students and the CSU brand.

Enteract 2009 ©


Exclusive Event Invitation

ANZ employed Enteract to create an invitation to an exclusive event. We created a special gold embossed image personalisation font to enhance the invitations for a truly personal touch.

Enteract 2009 ©

Victoria Racing Club

Viral Email Competition

The VRC needed to update their customer database and employed Enteract to create a viral email marketing campaign including personalised images.

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