Email Newsletters, Product Launches, Online Competitions, Image Personalisation, Lead Generation, Online Surveys, Viral Marketing


Email Marketing Services

Enteract provides a variety of services for both retention and acquisition based email marketing. Our email marketing pieces can be integrated with personalised images to create incredibly compelling and successful strategies.

Email Newsletters

Email newsletters build affinity, reinforce brand awareness and deliver timely information. Enteract will help you stand out form the crowd.

Product Launches

Successfully building your product or packaging your services is only the beginning. We help get your message to the right audience.

Online Competitions

Properly executed online competitions can be used to update & grow your database in a staggeringly efficient manner.

Image Personalisation

Create "feel good moments" at customer touch points to enhance your customers emotional connection with your brand.

Lead Generation

Enteract can help you rise above the daily grind of cold calling by identifying your prospects as warm or hot before you pick up the phone.

Online Surveys

E-mail based surveys are a cost effective medium for gathering precious feedback from your clients or employees.

Viral Marketing

Encourage individuals to pass on your message to others & creating the potential for exponential growth of your list.

Campaign Automation

Cross sell or on sell whilst scoring valuable points in the relationship stakes using Email Autoresponders.

Corporate eCards

Save time and thrill your customers with a personalised eCard email - all without wasting one tree.

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