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Here are some examples of Enteract's email marketing strategies. Email Newsletters, Event Marketing, Image Personalisation, Online Competitions, Viral Marketing and more...

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WR Berkley Event Marketing Campaign
WR Berkley exhibited at a Trade Event and needed a fun way to invite their clients.
GSE Email Newsletter
Great Southern Events needed to keep in touch with their clients and a new website.
Gaffer Email Newsletter
Gaffer use relationship marketing to engage their client base.
Good Food & Wine Show @ Sanctuary Cove
Special invitation as part of the Good Food & Wine Show 2009.
ICMI Email Newsletter
ICMI are the largest speaker & entertainer bureau in Australia.
Aust Petroleum Producing Export Association
Conference & Exhibition Marketing.
M.A.D Email Newsletter
M.A.D use image personalisation to create highly compelling communications.
Shell Event Invitation
Invitations to events including image personalisation.
Top Gear Live Event Marketing
Email marketing for one of the worlds most recogniseable brands.
ABEE 2010 Event Marketing
ABEE is fast becoming a must attend event for business events industry professionals.
AUSTRAC Email Newsletter
Australian Federal Government Department - AUSTRAC's Email Newsletter.
The Baby Show Event Marketing
The Baby Show owners utilise Enteract to help market all their shows.
Taste of Sydney Email Marketing
The Taste Shows often utilise image personalisation to increase cut-through.
Art Melbourne Email Marketing
Art Melbourne, Art Sydney & Art Brisbane all use Enteract for event marketing.
Fashion Weekend Sydney Email Newsletter
Enormously popular. The Fashion Weekend Sydney website is also by Enteract.
APPEA 2009 Event Marketing
Image personalisation proved to be extremely successful for this event.
Asgard Invitation with Image Personalisation
A classic invitation to an event using image personalisation.
QBE Email Invitation
QBE use email to invite clients to events to increase ROI.
QBE Christmas Party Invitation
No Christmas party is complete without a cool invitation.
ESP Event Marketing
Clever use of colour and sections to delineate content.
Lumisign Product Launch
Clever copy and clean artwork create a lovely eDM.
AIME Image Personalisation
Fireworks image personalisation were a real hit in this invitation.
Stamford Image Personalisation Competition
Viral Marketing & Image Personalisation combine to create a truly great email.
RSVP Melbourne Event Marketing
RSVP is a successful annual trade event. Enteract also built the RSVP website.
ENTECH INTECH 2011 Event Marketing
Enteract built the RSVP website as well as provided the Event Marketing.
ABEE 2009 Image Personalisation
Fun image personalisation invitation to attend this trade event.
APPEA 2008 Image Personalisation
This is an annual event for which Enteract also provide online surveys.
Taste of Melbourne 2009
Tasty image personalisation increased click-to-open rates for this campaign.
Fashion Weekend Sydney
Fashion Weekend Sydney uses blacks and reds to create attention grabbing designs.
CSU Image Personalisation
CSU uses image personalisation to create an emotional connection to their brand.
ANZ Exclusive Email Invitation
A classy invitation using image personalisation to emboss the recipients' name in gold.
Jamie Oliver Live Email Invitation
One of the worlds most recogniseable celebrity chefs.
VRC Online Competition
Viral Marketing & Image personalisation combine to create real success.
ART Sydney 2009 Event Marketing
Enteract creates the email marketing and online surveys for this successful public event.
Art Melbourne Image Personalisation
Lovely left aligned sketch paper design with personalised image font.
Good Food & Wine Show Competition
Image personalisation is used here for this incredibly successful event.
Stamford Hotels Viral Marketing Campaign
This viral marketing competition used 2 different image personalisation executions.
RSVP Image Personalisation
Seeing your name up in lights creates higher levels of engagement.
Top Gear Live Image Personalisation
Your name on the number plate and the use of animation. Contact us for a sample.
Stick Cricket / KFC Email Marketing
KFC Stick Cricket competition email marketing.
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